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Can you believe that the year is over half gone?!? Now's the time to plan for holiday shopping so you can do a little each month - rather than break the bank in November or December! And what better way than to kick back with your laptop, a cold drink, and the fan blowing on you and shop at your leisure through these pages?

And more good news:  I just got my SSL certificate "installed" so you can feel confident that your information is protected when you order from me!

There are so many wonderful holidays and activities to shop for during the year -- birthdays, baby and wedding showers, weddings, anniversaries...  And what better way to shop -- on your seat rather than on your feet -- no cranky clerks, no parking hassles, no lines, and no traffic to deal with.  And you can even shop in the middle of the night in your jammies if you're a day sleeper -- or an insomniac.

Looking for more supplies for your own crafting needs? Keep an eye out for the supplies category!!

If you have special requests of things you'd like to see offered on my site, please contact me.

Nanna's Goodies

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